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Tuition for XI & XII

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With a view to sort-out the education problems of middle class family children and also to alleviate mental agony of working parents’ children’s education DAY BOARDING CONCEPT’of imparting proper and effective education has been adopted, which is working well and successfully benefitting both parents and their wards. The children remain in the school under the watchful care and observation of the learned, qualified and dedicated teaching staff and participate in all the chartered / planned co-curricular activities.


Keeping in view the children’s character, and special interest, social life – value based, result oriented and practical education is imparted to the tiny-tots from the very beginning through latest teaching techniques and various modem audio-visual aids. The syllabus for the whole academic session is prepared under the able guidance of highly educated and experienced educationists keeping in view the total number of working-days, in accordance with which the students are taught covering the whole term-wise syllabi. In this Academy the whole academic year is divided in three Terms viz. I, II and III Term respectively. The staff guides the students in preparing themselves for the examination in the school itself through the medium of work-sheets/audio-visual aids etc. Hence, the parents don’t feel any sort of their wards’ examination pressure. All the students of a class are paid due heed and treated equally without any distinction of caste, creed or religion and special attention is given to every child.


Despite the parents/guardians being well educated they may not be able to help their wards in doing their home-work, and certain parents capable of doing so don’t help them due to scarcity of time at their disposal. Under such circumstances all the work related to studies i.e., home-work, learning, reading etc. are done in the school itself. Worksheets are given to the students of the topic done in classroom to make them understand the topic better.


Science laboratory is fully equipped and designed to fulfill the needs of the students in order to perform science practical. The lab can accommodate 20 students at a time under the guidance of two teachers. Microscopes, optical bench, chemicals, specimens etc. are in ample quantity so that each child can work by himself. Major labs are of the following subjects- physics, chemistry, math, biology, geography, computer science.


Students who are facing problems in any subject are helped by the teachers to omit the fear and make the concepts clear in the specially designed classes for all the subjects.


Keeping in view the creation of a Social and Psychological environmental adjustment between boys and girls, which is of utmost importance in the contemporary world of today, the Academy has opted for co-education.


Today computer has become a part of our daily life. As such, the students are required to move a step ahead of others. Therefore, to cater for this trend of computer education, the school has a well-equipped computer lab and highly qualified computer teachers.


In modern times the students are suffering from their heavy bags of books. Under the concept of Day Boarding Education, JCA has liberated the children from their heavy bags weight. Now their bags are kept in the school itself and the same are issued to them on Saturday, or on receipt of the written requests from the parents the bags may be issued to their homes.


The students are taken on educational tours, hiking trips to nearby villages, railway stations, post offices, banks, police station etc. so as to make them generally aware of their nearby environmental things, educational, historical places and government offices etc. and various types of competitions i.e. debates, extempore, recitation of poems, painting / drawing etc, which augment their personality development, are also conducted periodically.


Besides academic studies the students also participate in cultural activities e.g’. music, dance, instrumental music, Indian and Western dances which do not let home sickness attitude creep-up in them.